Bear State Pump & Equipment designs and engineers its own industrial and commercial pump packages.

Our ultimate goal is to attain the highest efficiency for each specific application while utilizing the newest technology available to keep energy costs to a minimum during system operation. Each system will be designed to meet your specific needs. During the design phase a qualified engineer will discuss all available options with you and take into consideration future service and accessibility of the site.

Available Services:

  • Pump & Process Equipment Sizing
    • Municipal
    • Industrial
    • Agriculture
    • Groundwater
    • Commercial
  • Pump Application Engineering
  • Onsite Pump Training
  • Installation Supervision & Startup Assistance
  • Field Testing
  • Pump Repair & Recondition
  • Impeller Balancing
  • Machining
  • Mechanical Seal Conversions
  • Epoxy Coating
  • Commercial Skid Mounted Booster Packages
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